The students of Hills International Public School (HIPS), Jubbal in Shimla district have entered the High Range Book of World Records for having made the Biggest Portable Wall Clock in the world.

The clock named ‘Jubbal Clock’ measures 100 inches in length and 72 inches in width which was made by 16 students of tenth standard.

HIPS Principal Pawan Sharma said that the school management, on Wednesday, received a confirmation for having entered the High Range Book of World Records along with the commendation certificate by post.

It has been certified by Director High Range Book of World Records which is recognized by the government of India and accredited by the USA.

The certificate states of the record having accomplished on 15 July to bring awareness about the importance of time management.

He said that the clock was a part of the project that the school students undertook after they were enthused by an inspirational tour by train from Shimla to Kandaghat on way to a picnic to Mohan Heritage Park Solan.

“Before undertaking the train journey the students visited the Baba Bhalku rail museum and from here the desired took root to do something innovative. After they were back in school they shared the aspiration of an idea to make the world’s biggest portable wall clock and the Chairman of the institution along with teachers backed them and they took it up as a school project”, said Sharma.

The total manufacturing cost incurred for the clock was Rs 25,000. The assistance of funds was provided by the management and students also chipped in from their own pocket money.

The entire process involved for the making was independently handled by the students who purchased the clock mechanism online and also the carpentry work involved was accomplished by them, he added.

The feat was accomplished in eight days from 30 June till 7 July by the students, without hampering their school daily routine, he said, adding that the students put in around 5 hours daily, before and after school hours.