After the counsel of former superintendent of police, Midnapore (West), Bharati Ghosh submitted before Justice Debangshu Basak of Calcutta High Court that his client sought to withdraw her petition, the court petition dismissed it by default on Sunday.

The court gave the petitioner a leave to file a fresh petition.In a courtroom crowded with petitioners and litigants who had come to hear the matter, Ms Ghosh’s counsel submitted that he sought to withdraw the petition to include some essential documents.

The petition had been filed seeking CBI inquiry into the raids of Ms Ghosh’s residences by state CID. Meanwhile, the former IPS officer had in a voice message given to a vernacular channel from an unknown destination lashed out at the CID for conducting raids at her Madurdaha flat- which she claimed was built on the “tax-free” money she had got during her role in Congo as a member of the UN peacekeeping force.

“The CID which is acting at the behest of the ruling party had conducted raids at the flats at Madurdaha, which were all legal and valid.” “The flat was built on the money that I had got during my role in Congo as member of the UN peacekeeping force. The money I got were all tax-free and legal,” Ghosh said in a voice message to a vernacular channel from an unknown destination on Sunday.

On Sunday, Ghosh in another voice message to a section of media persons delivered from an unknown destination had threatened to sue the state probe agency for defaming her reputation and tarnishing her image. She had also fired salvo at the state government for carrying out vendetta politics by applying all the resources up its sleeve to frame her in false charges.

Meanwhile, the state probing agency continuing its clampdown on Ghosh’s close aides on charges of “cheating” gold traders while converting demonetised notes into gold in 2016, conducted raids at
various places of West Midnapore and adjoining areas of the residence of Rajsekhar Pyne, one of the close aides of former IPS officer and officer-in-charge (OC) of Kharagapur local police station in search of gold and cash that the sleuths believe could have been stashed there.

His house at Manirampur, Barrackepore was also searched but Pyne was found to be unavailable there. Earlier, the sleuths had arrested Dipak Ghorai, a gold merchant, Subhankar De and Chitta Pal, inspector and SI respectively and Rajmangol Singh, caretaker of Ghosh in connection with gold-for-cash scam.

BJP’s state president Dilip Ghosh said that the former West Midnapore police chief Bharati Ghosh was used by the Trinamul Congress for the party’s wrongful political gain and now CID is desperately pursuing to find out her which raised questions whether she could cause the threat of the TMC.

Being asked whether Bharati would be welcome to join the BJP he said that the central party will take final decision for her inclusion to the party.