A 2014 batch Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, working  in a Haryana government department, on Sunday accused another senior additional chief secretary rank IAS officer of sexually harassing her for finding faults in official files cleared by other officials.

In a post on Facebook, the 28-year-old IAS alleged that the senior officer first called her to his office room on 22 May and questioned her about the adverse comments she had made in the files. She alleged the officer threatened her of dire consequences of its on her future as an officer and was even told that he would get her transferred in two months.

She claimed that on 31 May, the officer again called her to his office and told his staff to  not to let anybody else enter his office. During this meeting, the officer allegedly told her to just sign the official files and not to make any comments in the same.

“He questioned me why I write on files the wrongs the department has done,” the IAS officer wrote on Facebook. She alleged the senior officer threatened to “spoil” her annual confidential report (ACR) “if she did not stop writing negative comments on the official files. “He asked me to tell what type of work I wanted to do, whether I want departmental work or time-pass work… And then he asked me to stop writing adverse comments on the files,” the officer wrote on Facebook.

The IAS alleged that the officer told her that she was like a new bride, has to be explained everything and he was explaining everything to her in the same manner. “His behaviour seemed immoral,” she wrote on Facebook.

She claimed that the officer was forcing her to go with him to an event at Rohtak, where he was scheduled to deliver a discourse on spirituality.

“Even my security has been withdrawn and fears (sic) the officer and his men can harm me physically on way back from Rohtak in the late night,” she wrote.

The woman further alleged that the senior officer called her to his office in the evening on three occasions and made to sit there till up to 8 p.m.

The woman alleged that another senior officer, a woman, has given her verbal orders against giving any written complaint in the matter. The IAS officer alleged that following the incident her police security had been withdrawn following which she had sent an email to the office of the President and Union government, seeking action.

The senior officer, however, denied the allegations as false and baseless. He claimed the IAS officer was only asked “not to find faults with the files which have got all necessary clearances from other officials”.