The Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) leader Hardik Patel, who has crossed swords with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) by siding with the Congress Party for the upcoming Gujarat Assembly Elections, made a startling revelation of being offered Rs. 5 crore for not attending the rally held in Surat, Gujarat, on Sunday.

Hardik Patel told the crowds that a businessman approached him with the offer to “scuttle the Surat rally” by not turning up there.

The PAAS leader said, “I was offered Rs. 5 crore to remain absent from Surat rally. I got a call from a Surat businessman who offered me this huge sum. They will try to divide us, but this time we have to show them our unity.”

The rally is said to have a huge crowd and Hardik appealed to the crowd to not vote for the BJP in the coming elections. Hardik reiterated that PAAS is supporting Congress and Patidars should vote for the party. He asked his supporters to remain united and not vote for the BJP and that they should also be careful of not voting for other fringe elements including the NCP, AAP and independent candidates.

Hardik went on to woo his supporters in the electoral constituency of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani by asking them to take out time for making calls and talk to their friends and kin spread across Gujarat, to not vote for the BJP.

In his rally, the Patidar leader said, “The 19th December headlines should announce how an egoistic government was shown the door by 6-crore people of Gujarat. We cannot forget the atrocities brought upon the BJP on agitating Patidar community, though we have no personal grudge against them.”

Hardik targeted the BJP President Amit Shah by calling the BJP under him as a “party of goons” and a far cry from the party that the likes of Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Keshubhai Patel had made.

Carrying on his attack on the BJP and its development model, Hardik said that the talk of development by the BJP is a sham and that on the ground, the reality is very different. “The government hospitals in Surat were built during the Congress government regime. What has the BJP done for the city? Why have they not made better hospitals or new government schools in Surat?”