Eleven days after the gangrape and murder of 16-year-old girl was reported in Kotkhai area of Shimla district in Himachal Pradesh, the lack of concrete evidence to back the Police theory in the case has left people of the state fuming in anger.

Though the HP Police has claimed to have gathered crucial evidence based on technical surveillance data and the confessional statements of the six accused arrested in the case, finding the actual crime scene still remain a mystery. There have been various theories since the gangrape case to light, however, the factual story revealed by the Police has not gone down well with the general public.

Sources said the Police officials took the suspects to crime scene on Sunday, reportedly to find crucial evidence which could stand trial in the court, but the accused allegedly kept changing his statements on the crime scene.

The accused allegedly kept the officials busy throughout day by giving different versions on the actual crime scene, leaving the cops baffled.

Further, it is yet to be confirmed if the confessional statements of the accused were verified at the crime scene as there several items belonging to the girl were missing. The only evidence that was collected by a forensic team from the spot was a hairpin and an empty bottle of liquor from the spot.

The viscera report, fingerprint and DNA test reports were still awaited when the Police officials announced the breakthrough in the case. And in addition, no forensic expert was involved in Special Investigation Team (SIT) that was constituted to probe the case.

The other crucial point which makes the Police’s theory on crime sound incorrect to the people is detention of two persons on 15 July who were later released for the want of evidence.

Though the widespread protests have simmered down in the state, but there are apprehensions that the case might meet same fate as was the case with Yug Gupta kidnapping and murder case. The case was solved almost two years after the incident reportedly took place due to alleged goof-up in collecting evidence by cops.

Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh on Monday, however, expressed satisfaction over the Police probe and said it was the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) which is making unnecessary hue and cry over the incident. “From the beginning, we knew that BJP would raise questions on the probe to gain political mileage ahead of polls in the state,” he added.

Meanwhile, locals on Monday too staged a protest and blocked traffic in BCS in Shimla demanding free and fair probe.

It is worthwhile to mention here that the 16-year-old girl had gone missing on 4 July while she was returning home and her body was found two days in forest. Police had claimed that she was offered lift by the accused, a common phenomenon in the rural area as there was no other mode of transport to and fro to the school, who later gangraped her with his accomplices and later smothered her to death.