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Golf Course reserved about ‘Battle of Delhi’ tag

PTI | Noida |

Nestled in a corner of an 18-hole golf course here is an iconic monument to the historic ‘Battle of Delhi’ but authorities are hesitating to popularise it, fearing the sporting facility may be “rendered unmanageable” and put visitors at the risk of being hit by “flying balls”.
Locally known as the ‘Battle of Patparganj’, it was fought on September 11, 1803, during the second Anglo-Maratha War between the British troops led by General Gerard Lake and the Scindia Army under French commander Louis Bourquien.
The monumental stone-built pillar, commemorating the decisive battle, which lent the British Raj a major hold over India, was raised in 1916 but even after a century, this episode of history remains confined to few books and scholars.
“Near this spot was fought on Sept 11th, 1803, the Battle of Delhi in which forces of the Mahrattas commanded by M Louis Bourquien were defeated by the British Army under General Gerard Lake,” reads the inscription on a plaque installed on the top of the pillar.
Sitting handsomely atop a mound inside the 97-acre Noida Golf Course (NGC), with steps leading to the pillar, many a players have swung their clubs from the site as Tee No 16 is located on it.