Blame it on climate change, cases of skin cancer and non-communicable diseases will double in the next 10 years unless initiatives are taken for address the challenges posed by global warming.

This was discussed at a workshop at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical and Research (PGIMER) in which the three core frameworks of climate change, global warming and disaster management were taken up. Deputy Director General of Indian Meteorology Department, New Delhi, Dr SD Attari, stressed that more efforts are needed to involve the major stakeholders to better address the challenges posed by global warming and to reduce the impact of disasters particularly climate extremes.

Talking about the major contributors of air pollution Dr Attari said, "Only farmers can not be blamed for air pollution because of burning bio waste. Most of the pollution is coming from the power sector, coal cector and the industrial sector."

While talking about it Dr Attari said, "Fifteen-years back common man did not understand the problem but today even the grassroots level understands. The remote sensing has proved it with the pictures."

He disagreed with the common belief that the poorest of the poor will be the most effective section rather he cautioned that it will be the middle class that will suffer the most. He supported his dialogue with the Kedarnath disaster in Uttarakhand that shook the whole country.

Dr Attari suggested that stern laws should be implemented. Referring the worst air quality in New Delhi that continued  for one week after Diwali, he cautioned everyone saying, "Air knows no boundaries".

On the other hand Dr JS Thakur, professor of community medicines said, "Right kind of leadership, support of information system and technology with the health care delivery system are the main blocks of the health building". 

He further said that without integrating hospital data no comprehensive data can be achieved.

"For churning the data relating to the effects on health of climate change more partnerships are required. No single agency can do it alone." he added.