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Fuel price hike: INLD accuses BJP of betraying people

Statesman News Service | Chandigarh |

Condemning the hike in the prices of petrol and diesel, the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) on Monday said the Bharatiya Janata Party is betraying the people of the country as the saffron party had sought votes in 2014 Lok Sabha polls by using the rising fuel prices.

In a Press statement, leader of the Opposition, Abhay Singh Chautala said the BJP government at the Centre seems to be deriving perverse pleasure in putting the people of this country to undeserved hardships.

Chautala said rising fuel prices in 2014 were used to seek people’s support during the Lok Sabha polls, but after being voted to power, the BJP not only failed to redeem its pledges but followed policies which ensured that even when the crude oil prices in the international market gradually fell to an all-time low $42 per barrel yet the advantage was not passed on to the consumer.

He reminded that in May 2014 crude oil stood at $106 per barrel and the price of petrol was Rs 71.41 per liter and diesel Rs 55.49 per liter.

The excise duty imposed was Rs 9.48 per liter on petrol and Rs 3.56 per liter on diesel and value-added tax (VAT) of 20 percent on petrol and 12.07 percent on diesel was imposed.

However, even as the international market for crude fell, the BJP government began to increase the excise duty as well as VAT in manner that in actual terms the consumer is paying much more than it should, the INLD leader said.

He said on Monday when the crude oil is once again rising, the rate is $76.64 per barrel the excise duty has risen to Rs 19.48 on petrol and Rs 15.33 on diesel and VAT continues to be 26.25 percent on petrol and 17.22 percent on diesel.

Chautala said that clearly the BJP government at the Centre and the state does not believe in giving relief to the common people of this country.

The backbreaking hike in diesel will add to the miseries of the farmers as well as the common man since the increased transportation cost will be passed on to the people, he said.

Chautala demanded the BJP to give some relief to the people by reducing excise duty and directing state governments, particularly where the party is in power too proportionately reduce the VAT.