Buoyed by the overwhelming response from the people of Kolkata on her movie Fornacis, French director Aurelia Mengin on Tuesday expressed her interest in shooting a film in the city soon.

Little did Miss Mengin, who is on a week’s visit in the city, know that her movie would be received with thunderous applauds in a distant land where she had never visited before. The film based on the plight of loss of love, drew a large audience during its maiden screening at Nandan on Monday.

The story revolves around Anya, a woman in mourning, after being left devastated after the death of her ‘girlfriend’. Losing the lust for life, she buys a vintage car and motors to unknown destination. Her only companion, the love of her life, is a mysterious urn.

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With loneliness dogging her, Anya descends into a confused world, where her thoughts and imaginations are blurred and finally her state of mind snuffs out her life. The story has been inspired from life of the director herself, who lost her best friend at an early age. “Everybody has lost their dear one in life. The film brings about the sorrows of losing someone and the loneliness that is followed after their death,” highlighted the director.

Mengin, who is also the protagonist, writer and producer of the movie, was impressed by the liveliness of the city streets. “There is lot of life on the streets in Kolkata,” said the director who loves to experiment with innovative stories.

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“Unlike in Reunion Island, which is my homeland, different kinds of people are found everywhere in the city, which has given me lot of imagination and inspiration for my films. I would love to come here with my team and make independent movies in the city of joy,” she said.

Talking about the difficulties faced as a woman director, the founder of the Reunion International Fantastic Film Festival rued: “Being a woman director is a challenge in Reunion Island, France. No producers want to invest in a movie directed by a woman. Hence my movies are mostly produced by me.”