Swine flu has so far claimed five lives in Madhya Pradesh while 143 persons, suspected of having the deadly disease, have been tested in the state, health officials said on Monday.

“Diseases such as swine flu, dengue, malaria, chikungunya, etc. are being analysed everyday. From July 1 to August 13, 143 persons suspected of having the deadly disease have been tested in the state. Of the 140 reports that we have thus received, 28 persons have tested positive for swine flu. As we are yet to receive three reports, five persons have died of swine flu in the state,” the Health Department said.

According to the department, the capital’s Hamidiya Hospital is well-equipped to deal with the disease with necessary monitors, pulse oximeter and medicines in place. The nurses have been instructed to wear masks, gloves and aprons to maintain hygiene.

Health Minister Rustam Singh appealed to the people to not ignore allergies and visit the nearest hospital.

“Those who are coming to Madhya Pradesh after travelling in states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh should be extra careful. Do not disregard cough, cold, sore throat, headaches, fever, difficulty in breathing, etc. and visit the nearest hospital to prevent yourself from catching the H1N1 virus,” he said.