Panic and fear gripped a village in Meerut district after three men shot dead an elderly woman outside her home in broad daylight soon after killing her son a few hundred metres away from their residence, police said.

The miscreants unloaded at least eight bullets into Nichettar Kaur, 60, within 30 seconds on Wednesday, they said.

The woman’s killing has been recorded by a CCTV camera installed at the residence in Sorkha village in the district.

According to the police, Balmendra, 28, was on his way to Meerut city in his car when three men on a motorbike stopped him about 800 metres from the residence. They indiscriminately fired on him, killing him on the spot.

The assaulters then reached his home, where Balmendra’s mother, Nichettar Kaur, was sitting on a cot. The men then shot her dead from point-blank range, the police added.

The mother-son duo were reportedly witness in the murder case of the woman’s husband in October 2016, and were set to testify in a court in connection with the matter.

The double killing has led to panic and fear in the village, and villagers refused to speak on the incident.

SSP Manjil Saini visited the village and ordered the police to arrest the accused as soon as possible. Saini said Balmendra’s wife has filed a case against three people from the village in the matter.