The mother of two minor girls, who were allegedly found dead under mysterious circumstances in West Delhi’s Moti Nagar, was taken into custody as prime suspect in the murders.

Vijay Kumar, DCP, told The Statesman: “The mother was interrogated at police station but she fell ill and was admitted to hospital. We are waiting for her to be discharged and then proceed with investigation.”

An investigating officer, meanwhile commented that the mother of the two girls had been “possessed by evil spirits. She shouted the whole day. It looks she is suffering from something serious and we are thinking of taking her to Institute of Human Body and Allied Human Body or somewhere else for counselling.”

The murder of two minors came into light on Tuesday evening after their father informed police about his daughters lying unconscious in a room at Zakhira in West Delhi. Both the kids bore marks of strangulation on their necks. The two girls were taken to the hospital where doctors declared them brought dead.

The investigating officer informed The Statesman that at the time of murder the girls were present with their mother. Her husband had gone out to bring a witch doctor to make “evil spirit leave his wife’s body.”

However, after he returned with the witch doctor, his wife threw a bucket of water on him. That infuriated him. Soon he went to another room to see his daughters but was stunned to see both of them lying motionless.”