At least two criminals were killed in a series of encounters in Uttar Pradesh in the last 24 hours. Five criminals have been arrested in the encounters, all of which took place in western part of the state.

The encounters have left two cops injured. Reports suggest that there were six encounters in all, four of which happened in Noida and Ghaziabad.

The criminals who have been killed are from Noida and Saharanpur.

The criminal killed in Saharanpur encounter last night had a bounty of Rs 25,000 on his head. His accomplice managed to escape.

Cops are on the lookout for the absconding criminal. They recovered Rs 1 lakh, a pistol and a motorcycle from the scene of the encounter.

In Noida, the criminal killed had a bounty of Rs 50,000 on his head. The police recovered an AK-47 from him.

Those arrested include a wanted criminal from Ghaziabad carrying a reward of Rs 25,000 on his head. He was arrested following a gunfight which left him injured.

Yogi Adityanath’s government has gone after criminals ever since it came to power in 2017.

The government says that 45 criminals have been killed and 3,065 criminals have been arrested in 1,294 encounters across the state in the last one year.

This year, there were 15 encounters in the first two days of February alone.