Keeping in view the sanctity of religious rights, East Delhi Mayor Anju appealed to Muslims to carry out the sacrifice of animals at Ghazipur slaughterhouse on the occasion of Eid-ul-Zuha. The civic body has also issued a public notice to this effect.

Last week, the civic body asked its veterinary department to survey all 64 wards to identify the quantum of illegal slaughter and the sale of meat in its jurisdiction. The official had said, “As slaughtering of bigger animals mostly occurs in the early morning or late at night, we will start night patrolling in the vulnerable areas.”

The East Corporation move comes after North Corporation announced that it would forward to Delhi Pollution Control Committee a list of areas known for illegal slaughter during Eid.

According to East Corporation’s prevention of outflow of the blood of animals in the river Yamuna notice, “People intending to offer the sacrifice of sheep, goats and buffaloes during the religious occasion should utilise facilities provided in the Gazhipur abattoir.” The official explained that no blood should be allowed to flow into the roadside or stormwater drains.

Mayor Anju also said East Delhi Municipal Corporation is distributing 60,000 polythene bags in Muslim areas to ensure cleanliness. She said, “Municipal staff distributing these bags while going from door-to-door will encourage people to use them for the disposal of waste material and animal remains after sacrificing the animal on the occasion of Eid-ul-Zuha.”