Delhi BJP president Manoj Tiwari has alleged that due to callousness of Arvind Kejriwal government and unplanned working of the past Sheila Dikshit government the backbone of Delhi’s public transport system, the Delhi Transport Corporation, has been brought on a verge of breakdown which might lead to collapse of city’s public transport in next two or three years.

Tiwari said that the number of buses in DTC fleet had currently fallen to 3,882. Of these, not more than 3,100 buses were operational on any given day against the requirement of 11,000, he alleged.

He pointed out that “in next two years more than100 DTCnormal buses and 700 low floor buses will go off road for having outlived their utility.

Kejriwal Government has no plans to replace these buses as of now and all its concentration is on buying exorbitantly priced plus untested 1,000 electric buses, a purchase which is unlikely to materialise even by 2020.

“Even if we assume 1000 Electric Buses will come on road by 2020 they will only replace the present CNG buses going off road, thus offering no solution towards augmenting the DTC fleet to meet the demand for 11,000 buses,” added Tiwari.

According to Delhi BJP chief, everyday around 700 DTC buses remain off road and that was the biggest cause of hardship commuters had to face. That also resulted in revenue loss to DTC, he added.

He has said that the biggest cause of high number of buses remaining off roads was that DTC had no in-house maintenance system.

Even for petty repairs it had to look towards private service providers. He ridiculed that DTC must be the only bus service in the world with no effective internal workshop on Monday.