District Investigative Unit (DIU) was asked to conduct an inquiry into negligence of Shubhash Place police which caused death of 22-year-old Abhishek Kashyap last Thursday. The inquiry will be headed by AK Lal, Additional DCP 1, North West Delhi, said a senior police officer.

The officer stated that “to ensure fair inquiry, the case has been sent to DIU. All officers punished in the case will have to submit their version on the case and sequence of events. Even senior officers in Delhi Police are embarrassed and saddened with the incident. The discussion to offer a job in Delhi Police for Abhishek’s elder sister is underway and we are hopeful that required help will reach to them.”

The officer informed The Statesman that; ” police commissioner Amul Patnaik is monitoring all the proceeding in the case and keeping a close watch on them.” Responding over the outrage on attaching wires to barricades, the police officer explained: “Earlier motor vehicle thefts were high and plenty of cases were reported in North West Delhi. To check that local police staff came up with an idea of tying the barricades to completely block the way for vehicle thieves.”

The officer informed that the idea to put up blockades was a boon for local police as it curbed motor vehicle thefts. “In 2016, as many as 448 cases of motor vehicle thefts were reported at Shubhash Place police station and 72 vehicles were recovered. Whereas in 2017, 388 cases were reported and 104 vehicles were recovered,” said the officer.

The officer claimed that Shubhash Place police station had deficiency of staff due to which individuals had come up with an idea of tying the barricades. “We are facing crisis of one inspector, 19 head constables and 35 constables. There is a requirement for 82 constables but only 51 have so far been recruited. Similar is the case with head constables. There are only 35 against requirement of 54.” he said.