The residents of Delhi seem to have given a positive response to the Delhi government’s doorstep delivery of services scheme that was launched on Monday, the AAP government said on Thursday.

Apart from calling on 1076, the helpline number for availing themselves of 40 government services, a large number of people have also registered through the website for the services, a Delhi government official said.

According to the official, a banner with a web link was created on the government websites for the scheme in addition to the helpline number 1076. This was done to open additional modes for people to avail themselves of the home delivery system.

The official said, “By 3 pm on 13 September, 310 citizens of Delhi had registered through the website. All of them have been called and asked about the services they wanted to avail. There were some people who wanted to book for the services which have not been started. The call centre told them that these services have not been started and once these are started, advertisements would be published and then they can apply for the home delivery.”

According to the official, the people who registered through the website asked for services like registration of marriage, income certificate, caste certificate, domicile certificate, driving licence, water connection, sewer connection, “lal dora” certificate, mutation, change of address in RC, among others.

“The purpose of the doorstep delivery of services scheme is manifold, from facilitating the residents of Delhi to cutting out on bureaucratic delays and corrupt elements from the delivery system,” the official added.