Thousands of people of ‘Chamar’ community were issued caste certificates as ‘Jatavs’ because of apparently erroneous decision by the Delhi Government under Sheila Dikshit, a problem which could not be rectified even after the order was withdrawn.

The issue surfaced during a hearing before the Central Information Commission where one Sultan Singh approached with a query why the name of the ‘caste’ has been changed from Chamar to Jatav, while issuing the caste certificates to Scheduled Castes.

"The then Chief Minister (Sheila Dikshit) and the Government of NCTD has ignored the Constitutional mandate and fact that they have no power to amend the list and names of castes among the Scheduled Castes," Information Commissioner Sridhar Acharyulu noted in the order.

He said though the same Government have realised this Constitutional irregularity, but after realising the mistake, none took sufficient measures to instruct the revenue department to take back the wrong certificates and replace them with corrected certificates.

"In the result several hundreds of holders of caste certificates are left to their fate without a remedy, as they are not in a position to use the certificates at required institutions," he said.

The Commission directed the Delhi Government to explain measures taken to correct the unconstitutionally given caste certificates to Chamars as "Jatavs" since 2011 till now besides when do they start certifying the applicants with their original caste names, and how do they compensate the loss suffered by the applicants because of such issuance of wrong certificates.

He also asked to explain when will they issue necessary instructions specifically directing the revenue officers to issue certificates in accordance with list concerning Delhi under the Constitution (Scheduled Castes) (Union Territories) Order 1951 and place that order in their official website.