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New delhi, 21 Sept: BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy today flayed the economic policies of the UPA government and said the country’s economy is today "sick" and is heading for a "crash".
Known for his maverick style of functioning, Dr Swamy said personally he was against "income tax" especially for middle class but clarified this was his opinion and he cannot assure anything on behalf of the saffron party.
"By all economic criteria, the Indian economy is today sick and in a tail spin heading for a crash …. there is a need for effective steps to be taken soon to reverse the trends by a new economic reform policy," said Dr Swamy, who recently merged his fledgling Janata Party with BJP.
"There is no shortage of resources in our country… there is no adequate research on fuel and thorium energy….we need to take up new reform measures. The minimum condition is people should vote out UPA," he told reporters here.
He said there was significant improvement in economy during the NDA regime and said under the Vajpayee government more jobs were created as against eight years of the Manmohan Singh government.
Dr Swamy clarified that though he was addressing the journalists in party’s media room generally scheduled for party spokespersons, he was not a spokesman but only a "member of the party".
"I am not in favour of income tax…but not indirect tax," he said many countries including China do not have income tax. "Income tax is a tax for harassment. It burdens only middle class, very difficult to keep an account…it’s an injustice to Indian middle class," he said and suggested measures that would help garner revenue for the country.
To a question, he said, "No, I am not promising anything on behalf of BJP, but I will certainly use my influence within BJP so that my suggestions are adopted". "These are my suggestions….I am sharing the proposal. The leadership of my party knows my views, therefore they will consider. These will be part of discussions," he said.
Answering questions, Dr Swamy said charges leveled against former Army chief Gen (Retd) V K Singh by a Board of Officers inquiry are "bogus" and he is being targeted for being close to BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Mr Narendra Modi. "The allegations against Gen V K Singh are bogus and he is being targeted due to his proximity to Modi," he said adding there is "an attempt" to defame him. "Modi is a very popular leader and Gen Singh is associated with him. Some people cannot bear this," he said. "I will not spare Chidambaram": To a question, Dr Swamy said "so far only one man has gone scot-free" from him in legal cases and that is the Finance Minister, Mr P Chidambaram". But added in the same breath, "I will catch him sometime.".