Sulakshana Narula, a 58-year-old Air India employee, went missing from outside her house on Pandara Road in September 2018. Six months have since passed but the police have no headway in the case. What is bizarre in the case is that the Delhi Police Crime Branch inspector probing the case is apparently citing astrology for his inability to complete investigation in the case of disappearance.

According to reports, the probe officer, Vijay Samaria, took Narula’s horoscope from her family and showed it to a pandit for help. He has reportedly told the family that there is a ‘maha dosh’ in her horoscope, and his investigation cannot be completed “until her bad phase or ‘maha dosh’ ends”, an IANS report said.

The Crime Branch was handed over the investigation last year,

According to the IANS report, Samaria’s personal astrologer has said he too was going through a “bad phase” or “maha dosh” which would end on Friday, April 19, and until then the officer won’t probe the case.

What is more intriguing is that Samaria has told Narula’s family that Sulakshana’s “maha dosh” would also end on April 19.

According to reports, Samaria convinced Sulakshna’s son Anubhav to give him her horoscope, which he then showed to his astrologer along with his own. The astrologer reportedly said the woman’s horoscope had “maha dosh’ written all over it.

While the police officer is apparently confident that he would find Sulakashna anytime after April 20, the family is astonished at the turn of events.

Anubhav was also allegedly told to visit a Chhattarpur temple of Goddess Baglamukhi to perform an ‘upaya’.

“Sulakshna’s family members consulted their astrologer and believed that she would be found in Haridwar, Mathura or Virandavan. The investigating officer of the case, Vijay Samaria, visited these places more than twice, without any result,” IANS quoted ACP Jasbir Singh as saying.

In February this year, Narula’s family shared a post on Facebook urging people to come up with any information about her.

“On 30th September 2018, our mother went missing from our home on Pandara Road.

Because of the efforts of our family, two police cases have been resolved. A missing woman (see picture) got reunited with her family on Diwali (although it was the saddest Diwali for our family). A criminal who used to extort money from the families of missing people has been put behind bars…

We believe her good karma is the reason for this. We need your help in spreading this information further in your network by sharing this post so that we are able to find her. 5 months have passed since her disappearance.”

Family members now say the police had not done anything despite an FIR being registered three days after Narula went missing. In October, the case was handed over to Crime Branch.

“We believe in scientific investigation, but if an inspector supports victim’s family members with a personal touch, it affects the ongoing probe. I don’t know about any horoscope and bad phase theories,” Jasbir Singh told IANS.

“We have searched all shelter homes in adjoining states and also coordinated with interstate police. We continuous our efforts to find her,” he added.

Sulakshana Narula, posted as a manager with the catering department of Air India, went missing on the evening of September 30, 2018. “Earlier that year, my mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and she suffered from depression due to personal and professional reasons. She had not gone to work for months. That day, at 6.08 pm, she went downstairs and a minute later, when I reached, she was gone,” Anubhav told The Indian Express.

The family has announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for any credible information on Narula. Besides creating a Facebook page and sharing pamphlets, the family has also started an app called “Help Find Mrs Sulakshna Narula” with her photo, description and their phone numbers.