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New Delhi, 12 July
A group of students is using Facebook to raise money to fight against the decision of the University Grants Commission (UGC) to raise the bar of UGC NET June 2012 exam results without prior notice resulting in the disqualification of thousands of applicants. 
  The students have formed a ‘Group’ in the social networking site named, "Petition against UGC NET June 2012." For financial assistance to fight the battle, they have opened a joint account in the name of four students and invited students’ contributions to fight against the decision. Hundreds of students have responded to the call and donated Rs 1,000 to 2,000 and around Rs 2 lakh has been collected so far in the account. The group has over 2,800 members from across the country. The students said that, earlier for selection in NET examination, the UGC had a criteria of  40-40-50 per cent in three papers, which was altered without prior notice after the examination was held due to which thousands of students could not get their certificates.   
These students have filed a petition in the Supreme Court challenging the UGC’s decision where advocate Neha Bobade Gadekar, and others are defending their case along with  counsel Sridhar Purohit and Nirnimesh Dube.   Neha Bobade said she was trying her best to bring justice to the students. "I do not want any form of monetary help for this cause. I shall fight for and on behalf of everybody," she said.
However, some students are concerned over the lack of transparency in the fund collection. "Please make it clear to all the fellow members that there is totally no confusion at all. I request you to kindly prepare a database to record the monetary transactions on a daily basis and the group should inform about the contributions," a student said.
  Manish Jha, one of the joint account holders, said their priority is to safeguard the interest of students. "It was an arbitrary decision against which we protested in Delhi and other parts of the country and wrote letters to politicians, President of India and Chief Justice of India. Now finally the matter has reached the Supreme Court and we hope justice will be delivered," he said.