faizan ahmad
NEW DELHI, 12 OCT: The Samajwadi Party is targetting the migrant population from Uttar Pradesh, especially the marginalised section, to make its presence felt in the upcoming Delhi Assembly election.
 The SP has ambitious plans to contest all 70 Assembly seats and has started reaching out to its constituency, people from UP living in Delhi. The party has not announced  a chief ministerial candidate.  "Education, security of women, infrastructure and corruption are common issues of every political party and ours as well, but what we are focusing in particular on is employment of unemployed youth from UP and nearby areas", said Usha Yadav, chief of the SP’s Delhi unit.
 Despite its poor showing in earlier elections, the SP is confident of doing well this time. It said regional parties, that seem to have no standing in Delhi, will come out with flying colours this time. Ms Yadav said, "In the last assembly elections in Delhi we just got two seats. However, the people want real development and don’t want to run just on flyovers. So we are expecting to get numbers, which will help to form the government."
 She said unlike other parties, the SP does not merely pay lip service but is genuinely with the poor. "We are actually with the poor. For instance we fielded Nitu Kumari, a puppeteer from Kathputli Colony in 2008. Though she lost by a narrow margin, we are determined to field more candidates like her," said Ms Yadav.
She said, "There are many workers who can be employed in various small scale industries, such as weaving, tailoring etc,", hinting at employment opportunities on offer if the SP comes to power.
The SP supremo, Mr Mulayam Singh Yadav, is expected to hold a meeting with Delhi unit workers. "With a strong message from the party supremo as ‘a party for common people’, we will contest this election with full determination to get victory," said Ms Yadav.