The South Corporation from now on will adopt another method to do away with the illegal cell towers, as the members of the Standing committee alleged that the sealed towers were desealed by the telecom companies within minutes. 

To put an end to this, the Corporation will now dismantle the structure. The members claimed that they had received complaints that the sealed towers were desealed by the telecom providers within minutes. Hence, the sealing is not affecting the telecom providers and they continue to use these illegal towers. 

The South Corporation had sealed 349 illegal towers this year, out of which it dismantled only 60, the civic body said. 

As per the civic body data released today, out of the 3684 towers in its area,1133 are legal,while 2551 are illegal. 

To curb the illegal towers mushrooming in its area,the civic body will dismantle them. Besides, the corporation had also proposed that the cost of dismantling the towers will also be taken from the telecom companies. 

Radhe Shyam Sharma approving the alternative process said, “this alternative method will put an immediate end to the telecom companies which are operating the towers even after its sealing.”