New Delhi, 5 July:  Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH) has come up with a new analyser software program which is better equipped to distinguish symptoms of malaria and dengue while being cost effective.
With the onset of monsoon, dengue and malaria encroach the capital every year. Doctors face challenge to distinguish malaria and dengue as both  have similar symptoms like high grade fever, loss of appetite, chill etc. But this new diagnosis tool will potentially transform the diagnostic approach to such tropical febrile illness in a cost-constrained setting. The results have been successfully published in the 15 June 2013 edition of International Journal of Laboratory Haematology.
 Both dengue and malaria are seldom distinguished due to their common symptoms like thrombocytopenia and progression to shock and disseminated intravascular coagulation. Numerous non-specific viral illnesses also add to woes and create confusion while diagnosis of the patients. This leads to a chain of expensive clinical tests and prescription of antibiotics for all three groups till the doctors reach a specific conclusion as a result of which treatment costs often gets very high. But the new soft ware program of SGRH, led by Dr Manorama Bhargava accurately analyses and concludes the the condition as malaria or dengue. Besides, the process is set to benefit the public because of its low cost.       sns