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Sisodia vows to impart reading skills in govt school kids


Education minister Manish Sisodia on Saturday said that by 14 November, reading ability of every student studying in Delhi government schools will be brought to at least the basic level. 

Sisodia said that the initiative to ensure every child studying from classes 6 to 8 of the Delhi government schools will attain a minimum reading level.

"The Department of Education (DoE) has accepted this initiative as a challenge and will leave no stone unturned in achieving it," said Sisodia. 

He further said that the initiative to achieve minimum learning levels is based on a recent comprehensive study of the Delhi government schools undertaken by the Department, which had shown that 74 per cent children in class 6 are unable to read. 

"It had also come to light in the same study that 46 per cent children in class 6 were unable to even read textbooks meant for class 2. Teachers are faced with a dilemma since in a same class on the one hand there are children who can read and understand everything and on the other, some children are unable to read," Sisodia. 

The Education minister also said this leads to a sense of inferiority in children who are weak in studies and further leads to a dropout.

"The government target is to ensure every child develops self confidence and is able to say – I can read, I can understand, I can learn, I can do," added Sisodia. 

Besides, he said that teachers will conduct an internal assessment on 14 November in schools; this will be followed by DIET students to be deployed by SCERT in schools to assist Heads of schools in assessing reading levels between 15 and 20 November. 

"This will complete both internal and external assessment of students," added Sisodia. 

As per him, in the next phase, Delhi government schools will be opened for a week from November 21 to parents, SMC members, activists, journalists and other guests who wish to see the minimum reading levels of children studying in classes 6-8. 

"The government will announce an incentive scheme for teachers, principals and schools which will show good results," he added.