NEW DELHI, 12 APRIL: The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) received a letter today claiming to have been written by the D company from Dubai.

The letter, which was received by Mr Satish Upadhayay, leader of standing committee, SDMC, said if anyone touches the advertising site or display of one Ajay Gupta, the D company would blow up the Civic Centre within 48 hours of such an action.

"The letter was addressed to Mr Upadhyay threatening that if somebody harms Ajay Gupta, the municipal employee or if any kind of demand of showcause notice in the matter of any sort of recovery, he will be shot at," said an official.

According to the official, the letter said if any official is found indulging in sending demands and any sort of correspondence, even the Civic Centre, which is the headquarters of the municipal corporation, will be blown up in just two days.

Asked who Ajay Kumar is, the SDMC official claimed not to know him. "We don’t know who is behind this letter and who has written it with what intention. We have sent this letter to police to take appropriate action against the people who are behind this letter," said Mr Upadhayay