New Delhi, 4 October
 The All India Radio in collaboration with Vigyan Prasar and NCSTC, department of science and technology, government of India, is all set to launch a new science serial based on mathematics and eminent mathematicians entitled ‘Magic of Numbers’, from 6 October.
 Targeted listeners for the serial are teenagers between 14 to 17 years.
 The serial ‘Magic of Numbers’ in Hindi ~ ‘Anko Ke Khiladi’ is to be broadcast in 26 episodes.
Besides in Hindi and English language, it will also be produced in 17 regional languages and will be aired from 117 stations.
 AIR Delhi will broadcast it on Indraprastha Channel MW 366.3 Meters in 819 khz in Hindi ~ ‘Anko Ke Khiladi’ from 9.10 am to 9.40 am and in English on Rajdhani Channel MW 450.5 Meters in 666 khz in English ‘Magic of Numbers’ at 9.30 pm on every Sunday.
 According to Mr A Shekhar, PEX, Central Educational Planning Unit (CEPU), AIR has been broadcasting this series of science serials for several years as per an MOU signed with Vigyan Prasar.
The last serial in this series was entitled Grassroot Innovations in Science.
The announcement was made by senior officials of the All India Radio including, Mr Laxmi Shankar, Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh, Mr VK Tyagi, Mr Subodh Mahante and Mr RS Yadav.
 Dr Singh said that the serial has been aimed to eradicate the fear of Mathematics from the teenagers’ mind. The serial will help such children learn mathematics in an easier way.