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New Delhi, 23 December
Retired electrical engineer Gobind Ram is a proud father. Defying all the odds, his son is all set to be the next Chief Minister of Delhi.
 As Arvind Kejriwal announced the Aam Aadmi Party’s decision to form the government, Gobind Ram said the women in their family had not been in favour of his son joining politics but he had proved them wrong.
Gobind Ram, who hails from Haryana, said, "Women in the Kejriwal family were against his decision of joining politics. They wondered where would he get the monthly expenses to run a household if he quits his job. But now they are happy and pleased."
Asked how he was reacting to his son’s success, Gobind Ram said, "Whatever happens is decided by the almighty." He added, "See, he got 28 seats, and he got hold of exactly eight others (Congress party), making it 36, neither 35 nor 37. It’s after all God’s inclination."
Praising Arvind for his behaviour, Gobind Ram said it is the result of his good upbringing, "The success of Arvind is a result of family support. He respects elders very much," he said.
Gobind Ram raised questions on the credibility of Congress’s "unconditional" support to AAP. "One of them says their support is unconditional but Sheila Dikshit says it’s not unconditional. They are altering their views repeatedly," he added.
On his expectations from his son as Chief Minister, Gobind Ram said, "Let us see what happens." He said he had supported Arvind throughout the election campaign and accompanied him when he filed his nomination at Jam Nagar House.Arvind Kejriwal was born on 16 June 1968 in Hisar to Gobind Ram and Gita Devi.