statesman news service
New Delhi, 8 July
Mr Karan Singh Tanwar, MLA and Member, NDMC, today held one day token demonstration against careless and shoddy attitude of NDMC officers resulting into stoppage of all developmental works in New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) area. The demonstration was held in front of Palika Kendra, the NDMC headquarters, which was attended by thousands of people including hundreds of women.
 While accusing the officialdom of NDMC, Mr Tanwar said that the NDMC has majority of 12 members belonging to Congress Party including the Chief Minister and MP from New Delhi, Mr Ajay Makan and he is the only member from opposition party. He said that despite that they had forcefully taken up the issues relating to irregularities and scams both in NDMC Council Meetings and Legislative Assembly ranging from Commonwealth Games to redevelopment of Connaught Place, Multilevel parking at Barakhamba Road and Sarojini Nagar, Construction of Malls, Renewal of lease of Hotel Taj Man Singh or allotment of land to Hotel Leela. He said, "It is a matter of regret that still they are continuing their activities. Corruption, bribery and black deeds are at peak and there are stacks of scams. Therefore, the so called richest body of Asia is at the verge of bankruptcy." He further accused that there are scams and corruption every where in NDMC.  "The work of redevelopment of Connaught Place was to be finished before the Commonwealth Games, which is being extended even now and potholes can be seen in the entire Connaught Place," added Mr Tanwar. According to him at Palika Kendra all the multilevel parking lots are lying idle since the very day of their inauguration. The Cement Godown situated at Netaji Nagar has been devastated without any restoration measures and short cut between Netaji Nagar and Moti Bagh has not been re-opened despite  the orders from Supreme Court-appointed Bhure Lal Committee. "The electricity and water meant for Netaji Nagar has been diverted to Leela Hotel," said Mr Jawahar Singh, President JJ cluster at Netaji Nagar.