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New Delhi, 12 Oct: To inform people about harmful effects of drunken driving and make them aware about road safety measures, Delhi police today organised a coordination programme to integrate activities of Traffic Police with the owners of Pub, Bar and NGOs.
About 75 Pub, Bar owners from Southern Range, Central Range and Western Range attended the programme which was held in Sri Satya Sai International Auditorium at C.G.O. Complex.
NGOs including Campaign Against Drunken Driving (CADD), Synergie and Corporate Companies like Home Safe and SABMiller India participated in the event, police said.
During the programme various innovative ideas were shared by the representatives of NGOs, Corporate Companies and Traffic Police in tackling the menace of drunken driving and promoting the cause of road safety.
“It was also agreed to undertake intensive awareness programmes to involve and educate general public regarding the ill effects of drunken driving and necessary steps to be taken by Pub, Bar owners as organised sector to promote safe driving habits amongst drivers who visit pub and bar,” said Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Anil Shukla.
The owners of Pub and Bar were requested to arrange cabs/taxis and drivers for their patrons who are in need of such arrangements. They were also requested to encourage safe driving by extending ‘buddy discounts’ provide free mocktails to drivers who shall drive the intoxicated persons back home, said Shukla.
Delhi Traffic Police appealed all stakeholders, especially Pub and Bar owners to give their maximum support towards furthering and promoting this noble initiative and display educative materials against drunken driving in pubs and bars such as coasters, posters, menu cards, table mats.
All present pledged to persistently support the campaign working against drunken driving so that innocent lives lost on account of drunken driving can be saved, police said.