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New Delhi, 14 November
Indian business conglomerate, Prabhatam Group, has singed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Canadian International Training and Education Corporation (CITREC). CITREC will provide assessment service under the IMMSKILLS brand.
According to reports by the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, by 2016 Canada will have 1.3 million skilled jobs sitting vacant because there is no one to do them.  In the Canadian construction industry alone there will be 219,000 people retiring between now and 2020 and not nearly enough people to take their positions.
Indians were hired by Canadian businesses as temporary foreign workers. The five-year CIC record shows that the numbers of foreign workers hired from India to help fill labour gap has increased.
 Canada remains a popular destination for Indian nationals and increasing number of Indian nationals are immigrating to the country for work and higher education opportunity. Number of Indian students pursuing high education in Canada has also seen a drastic increase.
 "We aim to provide the best assessment and training services to the people of India who are seeking work and study opportunity into Canada, and we want to do it to the best of the satisfaction of our Canadian partners. This MoU will help us take care of the needs of both sides. We look forward to our association with CITREC and hope to make it mutually beneficial," said the Director of Prabhatam Group, Mr Mayank Gupta.
Meanwhile, CITREC Chairman Mr Ashwant Dwivedi said that the assessment services provides tremendous opportunity for those who wish to have their training and work hours recognized against Canadian industry standards.
 "The assessment service will even recognise people who are self-employed provided they meet the assessment requirements" Chairman Mr. Dwivedi said.