The teachers and students of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) criticised the recent issue of RSS mouthpiece, Panchjanya, which dubbed the varsity as the hub of antinational activities.

The weekly magazine accused the students and teachers of being involved in the activities that weaken the unity and integrity of the nation and support fringe elements.

They termed the RSS weekly report as strategy to do divisive politics and implement the agenda of "Hindutva". "RSS and BJP are hand-ingloves.

The BJP government provides protection to RSS goons who in turn implement the agenda of fundamentalism and radical Hinduism," said Shehla Rashid Shora, vicepresident, JNUSU.

The students asserted that in JNU, difference of opinions is always cherished and admired as debate and discussion are integral parts of its political culture and the university does not nourish any sort of anti-nationalism or radicalism.

"The expression of difference of opinion and acknowledging various view-points through debates and discussions are the signs of a healthy democracy rather than antinationalism," said Shehla. "JNU has a unique political culture which represents the diversity of nation in a nut shell.

These are those people who cannot tolerate the basic concept of difference of opinion and India’s diverse culture. What is written in ‘Panchjanya’ about JNU is really unfortunate and is a ploy to malign its image and culture," said Sucheta De, AISA president.

"The government and RSS are hell bend on making this country a ‘Hindutva’ nation, where only majority community will have access to all rights including the fundamental ones.