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New Delhi, 13 July: Showing the gap between common man and police, Mr Bhavesh Kumar, IG Meerut Zone, today stated that only two per cent people interact with police directly while the rest of 98 per cent form an opinion only by police conduct. 
"There is a need to take a vow to help common man since the persons who approach us are themselves victims of sudden problem," Mr Kumar said while inaugurating a two day workshop on training of Noida police personnel in collaboration with Amity University, Noida.
 The theme of the programme was the responsibility, changing environment and behaviour of the police personnel. Around 550 police personnel attended the workshop.  
"We need to build our image by respecting our uniform, behaviour and good conduct then only we will be respected at par with International Police where people in foreign countries have strong faith in their police," Mr Kumar said adding:  "We can’t change the thinking of others, but we have to change ourselves."  Mr. Kumar said that in the following months Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) scheme will be launched through which computers will be connected to national level and every general diary, case diary will be computerized. Then any person can be able to file his complaint even sitting at home. Dr A K Chauhan, founder of Amity Group said, "Police work day and night to safeguard the public and property yet they are criticized due to the their behaviour." Dr Chauhan said that due to good policing in Noida, people feel safe in the city.
The workshop aims to change in the behaviour, mind-set and the attitude of the police personnel towards the common man.