New Delhi, 14 July
Delhi Police have arrested a cheat for his alleged involvement in stealing data of over 30,000 credit card holders associated with a multinational bank in the Capital.
 Accused Raju Tevar (in photo)  landed in police net from Mumbai after a secret information regarding his presence. He stole the data for the purpose of cheating.
 Police said that the accused reportedly used the data and made transactions worth Rs 2 crore through internet.
 “We received a complaint from Ms Abhya Srivastava, who said that she got a call regarding an online transaction that was made through her credit card. The caller asked her to give all the information regarding her credit card so that he can block the card and refund the amount. The caller, impersonating him as the bank official, acquired all the relevant details,” said the police.
 Police said that after the victim gave the details to the caller, she started getting messages that up to Rs 44,911 were spent on purchasing from her card. She approached police and got a case registered in this respect.
 Police visited Mumbai as the transactions from the credit card were made to make the payment of electricity bill to Maharashtra District Electricity Board. Few other transactions were made through reliance mobile.
 Later, police got a tip-off that Raju came to collect the telephone bills representing himself as an agent of the company to the shopkeeper of the Ambarnath area who used to collect the bills of the local residents for small service charges.
 Raju Tevar offered 10 percent discount to the shopkeeper. He never disclosed his place of stay but came in a white Accent car, whose number was not known.
 However, the investigators were puzzled as the location of the Reliance number zeroed in at different locations including Surat, Gujarat. After two months, the team located  this number in Palghar, Thane, Maharashtra and a team was dispatched to Thane.
 “We did not have his photograph and address. Finally through our informer we were able to get his picture through a popular social networking site. Police made local inquires in Mumbai about the culprit and was able to nab him,” said the police.