As the national capital struggles with its worst dengue outbreak, the market is flooded with mosquito repellent applications where large number of Smartphone users are downloading and using the same.

The vector-borne disease has taken lives of more than 23 persons. On one side, various products such as repellent creams, wristbands, stickers and equipment are available to resist mosquitoes, many people, especially young generation, is making full use of repellent applications. Notably, last month (on 18 August) North Delhi Mayor, Ravinder Gupta, had launched a mobile application Track The Bite that provides real-time tracking on mosquito infestation to mark the World Mosquito Day. The app emits a sound that only mosquitoes can hear, but mosquitoes hate it, so they stay away.

"Anti mosquitoes frequency sounds is a free mosquito repellent software for the device, which uses ultrasonic waves that are not easily heard by human ears, but sensitive to most animals, such as mosquitoes," said Shaurya, a mobile shop owner who said around 15 to 20 people come every day to know about the app

He also said that many immigrants are taking interest to know about the app. He also said that before purchasing mobiles, people ask whether mosquito repellent app could be downloaded from the particular phone. "I stay alone in a PG at Noida and have no facility to either light the coil or use any equipment. I prefer using repellent creams and have downloaded this app which is quite useful. As soon as it starts making buzz, mosquitoes fly away," said Sandeep Yadav.

He added, "Since we are far away from our houses, we have to take care of ourselves. If we get affected, our parents cannot come for treatment. The app therefore is of good use". Though according to mobile retailers, the app is not something very new but with the fear of dengue looming and almost every other day someone is affected, the app has turned out to be a big hit.

"It’s been more than eight to nine months, since apps are ruling in the market but with people scared of dengue, they are taking all possible measures for its prevention," said Mahesh, a mobile retailer.