Irked over lack of attention by his own party government for his constituency’s development, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) legislator from Timarpur, Pankaj Pushkar on Sunday led a march from Delhi Assembly to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence at Flagstaff Road. 

Pushkar, continuing his ‘Satyagrah’, a protest over development of the unauthorized colony of Sangam Vihar, Wazirabad, marched to the Chief Minister’s office to question him on the negligence, where he failed to meet the Chief Minister. 

Pushkar, who last week sent a letter to Kejriwal, demanding basic amenities, such as drains in Sangam Vihar, claimed that over 100 residents are affected by the dengue, while several deaths were reported from the area. 

"The question remains unaddressed. People of Sangam Vihar are suffering due to the negligence of government. Over 10,000 people reside in unauthorized colonies, without drains or other basic facilities. People die here due to dengue and our government is not responding," said the MLA. 

Pushkar, who led the march, was stopped at Flagstaff road by the Police. A delegation then went to the Chief Minister’s residence to hand over a memorandum, but could not do so.

"A delegation of people, without Pushkar, went to handover a memorandum to the Chief Minister, but he refused to mee us," said a close aide of Pushkar. 

They claimed that they were denied meeting as the authorities doubted they were influenced by Swaraj Abhiyan. 

"They are speculating that Swaraj Abhiyan is behind our protest, which even if true, should not be the reason for neglecting our area. It’s the residents of Sangam Vihar, who after feeling cheated, wanted to raise their problems with the chief minister," said a source. 

Pushkar, who earlier had questioned the functioning of his party and the gover nment, claimed that ‘help did not arrive’, despite my efforts as MLA. 

"Twice I raised the issue in the assembly but nothing changed. I feel sorry as the representative of the area," said Pushkar. 


Stating that people of Sangam Vihar can’t wait for the Delhi Government’s policies to be made and implemented, Pushkar said, "It would take minimum Rs 5 lakh or less to make the drains in the area, doesn’t our government have that much, do they need to make a scheme for that?"