MCD identifies 250 mosquito breeding hotspots; intensifies fogging

MCD, dengue, mosquito

Photo: Twitter @MCD_Delhi

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has identified approximately 250 hotspots where large scale breeding of mosquitoes has been found.

In view of the same, the civic agency has intensified fogging at various locations and is adopting various measures to destroy mosquito breeding at these sites.

These include measures like spraying of insecticides, focal spray or fogging, releasing larvivorous fishes in large water bodies etc.


Besides, special focus is being given to large water bodies and drains which are being covered by power spray tankers and motorized pumps in all 12 zones.

MCD has conducted approximately 2.61 crore house visits by DBC workers and 1,30,544 houses were found positive for breeding and 11,88,282 number of houses have been covered by fogging.

“We have run Mosquito Terminator train in all 12 zones to cover the inaccessible breeding sites near railway tracks. Joint program are also being carried out in wards where clustering of dengue cases is found,” said a civic agency official.

MCD is also conducting special campaigns/drives to cover vulnerable areas like construction sites, parks, nurseries and institutions like hospitals, schools, etc. in all 12 zones.

During the special drive conducted in construction sites for prevention and control of vector borne diseases 30% sites were found positive for breeding and amongst parks and nurseries 14% sites were found to be positive.

Municipal Corporation of Delhi has roped in school children also who have been given tasks to fill up weekly details of sites related to prevention and control of vector borne diseases in their homes.