New Delhi, 4 September
A city court has awarded life imprisonment to a man for throwing acid on two brothers, leading to their death.
While awarding sentence to the convict Sanjay, Additional Sessions Judge Raj Paul Singh also imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on the convict, which "shall be paid to the family of the deceased as compensation."
The court also issued a showcause notice to two eyewitnesses, who were declared hostile during the trial, for hiding true facts from the court.
"I have gone through the cross-examination of witnesses and the counsel for the accused could not breach their credibility. Further, as per FSL report, nitric acid was detected to be ingested on the clothes of the deceased persons. Further, the accused has made confessional statement and got recovered plastic cane from which he took acid and poured upon Dhananjay and Akshay. All these facts lead to legitimate inference that it was Sanjay who caused their death by throwing acid," said the court.
Sanjay was working in a steel and alloy factory in Bawana in north-west Delhi.
On 24 October, 2009, he threw acid on Dhananjay and his brother Akshay, who were working in an adjacent plastic factory, leading to their death by ingestion and burns… The complaint was made by Rishi who was the eyewitness to the incident and also worked with the victims, said the prosecution.
It added that after arrest, Sanjay pointed out that he had taken nitric acid from his factory, where it is used to dissolve rust from wires, and had thrown it on the victims.
During the trial, Sanjay’s employer also told the court that he was informed by two other workers Lakhendra and Rajeev that a quarrel had erupted between Sanjay and the victims and he had threatened them to kill them by throwing acid on them.
The prosecution had made witnesses to Sanjay’s colleagues, who had witnessed the incident and informed their employer about it. However, later they turned hostile.
The court directed that they had deliberately deposed falsely and have suppressed true facts from the court. "Let showcause notice for 23 September be issued against them as to why proceedings shall not be initiated against them for giving false evidence," said the court.