A man along with his family members, accused of harassing and torturing his wife, have been discharged by a Delhi court which noted that the woman’s non-appearance before it shows she was not interested in pursuing the case.

Observing that despite being issued court notices twice, the woman, who had lodged the domestic violence case against her husband, did not appear to lead evidence, Metropolitan Magistrate Mona Tardi Kerketta discharged the man, his father and brother of the alleged offence.

"Despite availing number of opportunities, complainant failed to lead evidence in support of their case. So much so, that the complainant stopped appearing before the court. As a matter of abundant precaution court notices were sent to her twice. However, despite receiving court notices, she did not  care to appear.

"In the absence of any complainant evidence, respondents evidence was dispensed with…It appears that the complainants were not interested in pursuing their case and merely wanted to gain precious time of the court. Complaint is dismissed," the magistrate said.

The court’s observations came on the complaint of the woman, who had sought protection order to restrain her husband, allegedly an alcoholic who tortured her at the instigation of his father and brother, from communicating with her and her son in any way.

She had alleged that soon after her marriage in 2007, her husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law began inflicting cruelties and torturing her, while pressurising her to fulfill all their illegal and unwarranted dowry demands and was later thrown out of her house along with the couple’s minor son.

In her complaint, the woman had sought a compensation of Rs seven lakh for the expenditure on their marriage and the physical torture inflicted on her and maintenance amount of Rs 15,000 per month for herself and her son.