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NEW DELHI, 16 NOV: Former BJP councillor and president of Progressive Party Jagdish Mamgain returned to the BJP while musician Shanker Sahani joined the party today.
 At a Press conference addressed by the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate, Dr Harsh Vardhan, Sahani recited the theme song of BJP for the citizens and youth of Delhi.  Mr Mamgain said in the last election Congress came to power because it secured 3.96 per cent more votes than BJP. "The people of Delhi are suffering because of the misrule, anarchy and corruption of the Congress Party," he added.
 Mr Mamgain hoped the BJP would form a good and strong government under the leadership of Dr Harsh Vardhan and end the sufferings of the people of Delhi. He announced that he would not contest the forthcoming Delhi Assembly election.
Mr Mamgain said at a meeting of Progressive Party leaders held on 14 September, it was felt that there is a lot of anti-incumbency against the Sheila Dikshit-led Congress Government. Party workers felt the need of the hour was to free Delhi from corruption and having assessed the political situation they felt the Progressive party did not stand a chance of forming a government in Delhi. On the other hand,  by contesting the election it could divide the anti-Congress votes. Therefore it was decided to merge with the BJP so that the people of Delhi would have a stable government, Mr Mamgain added.