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Luxury cars sold on fake documents


Delhi police have arrested five persons for selling luxury cars on fake documents. According to police, the accused used to buy damaged luxury cars, procure documents from the insurance companies and then steal a similar car to sell it. 

The accused have been identified as Sanjay Singh (39), Mobin Ahmed (34), Salim (30), Mannan (32) and Kasim (30). Police have recovered 20 stolen luxury cars and 30 cases under motor vehicle theft have been worked out. 

According to police, recently more thefts of various luxury cars from different areas of Delhi and NCR were reported and on minute analysis of the modus operandi of the accused persons, it was revealed that they had stolen luxury cars to avoid any suspicious or being apprehended. 

The police team, led by Inspector Neeraj Chaudhary, SHO RK Puram, finally got information about the gang from Meerut, UP and active in the Delhi and NCR region. 

On August 10, the team apprehended Sanjay Singh and Mobin Ahmed with a stolen Fortuner Car whose engine and chassis numbers were tampered with. Both the accused were in the process of selling them when they were nabbed. 

"From Mobin Ahmed, tools used for tampering the engine and chassis numbers were recovered. Both the accused were arrested," police said. 

Police also claimed that during interrogation, they disclosed that they used to purchase the luxury stolen cars from Kasim Lath, Salim, Sakir and Nawab, all natives of Meerut, UP and after tampering their engine and chassis numbers, they further disposed them using the documents of damaged vehicles, purchased by them from the Insurance Company. 

In the process, they sold the scrap, but retained the documents to be used for stolen vehicles. Then they sold the vehicle in open market at market price. The accused further disclosed that since two years, they have been purchasing various stolen cars from Kasim Lath, Salim, Sakir and Nawab and disposed them in Muradabad, Lucknow, Meerut, Palwal (Haryana) and Jaipur (Rajasthan) after tampering the engine and chassis numbers. 

"The gang works in a planned manner and every member plays specific role since theft of vehicle to its disposal. The gang has deep roots in the Sotiganj Car Scrap Market. The accused Salim Chawal and Kasim through their sources in Car Scrap Market, initially procure the documents of luxury cars met in accidents and purchase the same in auctions from the insurance company," police said. 

After getting details and documents of such vehicles, they pass on its details to other members of the gang, who would then steal a similar car as per details provided to them. After committing the crime, the members would hand over the car to other members. 

The other member Mobin, would tamper the engine number and chassis number of the car. Then, they would affix the engine number, chassis number and registration number of the documents of car provided to them and the members would sell the car to bona fide purchasers on market rates with some margin and also got transferred the RC of the car in the purchaser’s name.