With the JNUSU polls round the corner, student wings have sharpened their attacks against political rivals. The left student wings, AISA and SFI who entered an alliance for the first time to contain the ‘increasing popularity’ of arch rival ABVP, accused it of implementing the "fundamentalist agenda" of BJP and RSS. 

They were in turn accused of brushing under the carpet their ‘failures’ and ‘wrongdoings’. The "Stand with JNU" campaign was started by the left students organisations after the 9 February incident when anti-national slogans were allegedly raised. 

The left student wings, particularly AISA, projected the administrative action against those allegedly involved as the government’s ‘crackdown’ on JNU’s autonomy. 

"The common students got associated with them as they used JNU as a shield. They misguided students said JNU is under threat. The leftists created a fear psychosis among students," said Janhawi Ojha, presidential candidate of ABVP for the JNUSU polls. 

However, the right faction is targeted by the Left for its alleged misogynistic comments against JNU women students who participated in protests and demonstrations. The ABVP, however, distanced itself from any such comments and condemned them. 

After the alleged rape of a woman research scholar by Anmol Ratan, a prominent AISA activist, AISA came under severe criticism from almost all political quarters except the Left. AISA is accused of shielding the rapist. 

Rahul Sonpimple, the presidential candidate of independent student wing Birsa Ambedkar Phule Students’ Association (BAPSA), which fights against ‘Brahmanism’ and ‘capitalism’, also slammed AISA. 

"AISA has provided impunity to a rapist. Kavita Krishnan who wrote several articles and was so vocal over women issues, cannot write a single article criticising the incident of rape when it is done by an AISA member," said Rahul. 

The NSUI condemned both the Left and ABVP. "Both ABVP and Left parties use the national flag for their own vested interest," said Masood from NSUI. 

The ABVP accused the Left of not allowing companies to undertake campus placement in JNU. 

"They don’t let companies come to campus for placement. The students come here from all backgrounds and hope for a bright future but these leftist shatter it all. The students want a reputed job and due recognition of their talent, they just don’t want to carry ‘jhola’ like you," said Janhawi. 

AISA, however, said the allegations are false. "AISA fought a long battle for establishment of the placement cell in the campus. The ABVP is spreading false information," said Mohit, AISA presidential candidate for JNUSU polls. 

However, he didn’t reply to the phone calls or messages seeking his response to allegations about the ‘silence’ of AISA on the rape of a woman scholar by a prominent member of the party.