Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s ailments are a "classic case" of faulty and stressful lifestyle but he has been "detoxified" to a large extent now, a senior doctor today said.

"On first day of his medical check-up we observed that this time along with his uncontrolled sugar, he has brought a nagging chronic cough too, which was rather alarming," said Babina Nandakumar, Chief Medical Officer at Jindal Nature Cure Institute on city outskirts, where Kejriwal is admitted.

She said while traditional naturopathic treatments comprising hydrotherapy, massages, packs and mud therapy have been initiated with great effect in combination with yoga and diet therapy, "We had to address his chronic cough rather differently." 

"Our observation has found it to be a classic case of faulty and stressful lifestyle that included high consumption of aerated drinks, irregular eating habits, high level of pollution leading to the accumulation of toxins in his body, which required immediate attention, by a competent naturopathy regimen," she said in a statement.

Giving the details of treatment, Nandakumar said "a whole lot of detoxifying treatments were introduced from naturopathy, yoga therapy, diet and their immediate effects were clearly evident." 

She said "He is to a large extent detoxified now and his entire system is rejuvenated. His current sugar level is, fasting at 90mg/dI and post prandial at 130mg/dI and his medication has been reduced to only 30 per cent from his medication level at the time of his admission." .