AAP leaders on Tuesday took on the Modi Government and the RSS holding them responsible for the suicide of Rohith Vemula, 28-year-old Dalit research scholar of Hyderabad Central University. They joined the protest launched by the party’s student wing CYSS alleged that the BJP-led government is both anti-Dalit and anti-minority, asserting that their leader Arvind Kejriwal is the real savior of marginalised sections of society.

Rakhi Birla of AAP not only demanded the resignation of the PM and Union HRD minister Smriti Irani holding them responsible for the incident, but also asserted that criminal cases should be filed against the VC of HCU and Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya.

Ashutosh of AAP alleged that Dattatreya and local ABVP men are responsible for the suicide committed by the Dalit student. "No words can explain the agony the deceased went through. In Hyderabad university Dalit students who fought for their identity and rights faced the ire of ABVP who deliberately targeted them. These men were supported by the minister Bandaru Dattatreya, who wrote a letter to Smriti Irani accusing the students of the university of being involved in anti-national activities and alleging that the Ambedkar association was playing a leading role in it," he said. Ashutosh also said this is not an isolated incident of attack against Dalits and minorities and gave the example of the Dadri lynching alleging that local BJP leaders were involved in it.

"This government is both anti-Dalit and antiminority" he added. The AAP leaders asserted that the Modi government is also targeting intellectuals who differ in ideology and viewpoint from them."They are really intolerant as they can’t even tolerate intellectuals who differ from their ideas and ideology. This is a real setback to the democratic culture of our nation," Ashutosh said. Dilip Pandey, national spokesperson of AAP, read from Rohith’s suicide note. "This letter is really disturbing, I broke down in tears several times while reading it. If the attacks on Dalits are not stopped then a time will come when the Modi government will not get a place to hide," he said. Many AAP leaders who addressed the gathering praised Kejriwal projecting him as the real messiah of Dalits and minorities. "Praising their leader and projecting him as the real saviour of Dalits and Muslims at this juncture smells fishy and indicates that AAP is taking political mileage out of the whole issue rather than showing any concern for the deceased," said a Dalit student of DU.