Arvind Kejriwal’s challenger in the New Delhi constituency Nupur Sharma may be a first time contestant but the London School of Economics post-graduate says she is confident of pulling off a surprise and defeat the AAP chief in the prestigious seat.

Calling the contest with Kejriwal a "fight of ideology", the BJP candidate says people are not going to support him this time as he does not have "stability" and "clarity" in what he is doing while referring to his decision to contest Lok Sabha polls from Varanasi.

"Kejriwal should first get some stability in life and then go to people and ask for votes. Sometimes he is here and then there, he is fooling people.

"People have understood his lies and becoming a CM again will only be a dream for him this time," Sharma told PTI.

When asked whether the party has given a walkover to Kejriwal by fielding her as a candidate, Nupur said, "The seat is known for defeating chief ministers and ‘killing giants’, who was Kejriwal? He is only a creation of the media." 

Accusing Kejriwal of "not utilising" his MLA Local Area Development fund, she said, "He says a lot of big things, but I ask him what has he done for the people here.

"After losing elections in Varanasi, he was the MLA of the area for at least five months, but what has he done with the MLA fund? This area does not have a councillor as it is governed by NDMC, thus as a MLA his responsibilities were immense, and he has done nothing." 

Sharma, who was president of Delhi University Students Union in the year 2008, quit her job with a private law firm to join politics after her stint at LSE.

"The fight here is a fight of ideology, a fight of principles and a fight between truth and lies. BJP is not foolish that they will put me here just for losing the seat," she said.

Congress has fielded former Delhi Minister Kiran Walia from the seat.

She said, "After Narendra Modi was declared chief of the campaign before Lok Sabh elections, I felt that this is the time I can really do something for the party and left my job.

"I went to Saharanpur, Amritsar and Varanasi itself to work there before the Lok Sabha elections. Later, my name was recommended from the lower ranks and I was given a ticket in this constituency." .