Sharpening his attack on BJP, Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal today accused the saffron party of adopting "unethical practices" to get votes.

Addressing a rally in Rohtas Nagar constituency in northeast Delhi, Kejriwal said the BJP had made tall promises to lure voters, but did nothing concrete after winning.

"Present BJP government made only tall promises to woo the voters and has done nothing to solve the problems of the common man who have been marginalised. Due to increasing inflation rates… people find it very hard to meet the daily household expenses," he said.

He also said that the BJP-led Central government could not slash electricity tariffs because it is "associated" with top industrialists.

"You all tell me, if I am friends with Anil Ambani, then would I be ever able to slash electricity tariffs?" he asked the crowd.

The former Delhi chief minister also said the BJP government’s focus had shifted to religious conversions from its electoral plank of development.

"BJP vouched for development before election, but now BJP is focusing on religious conversions and barring women to wear jeans and getting higher education," he said at the rally.

Later, the AAP convener also addressed rallies at Burari and Karawal Nagar constituencies.

He also raised an objection to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi calling him a "Naxal" in public rallies, saying that this does not suit the Prime Minister.