JNU students’ union president Kanhaiya Kumar has been accused by his political and ideological opponents of changing his stand on Kashmir and Afzal Guru due to fear of the law. They said his expressing full faith in India’s Constitution and democracy was out of compulsion and a tactical move to avoid any further controversy. 

“The JNUSU president changed colour like a chameleon after coming from jail, but we must not be deceived by this as his real character is hidden behind a mask and his nationalism is only out of fear of law and order," said Saurabh Kumar Sharma, JNUSU joint secretary from ABVP. 

“Those who have burnt the tricolour are now carrying it, those who celebrated the brutal killing of paramilitary personnel by distributing sweets and talked about independence of Kashmir are now saying that Kashmir is an integral part of India and they want independence within India and not from India. Their patriotism is only superficial and out of fear of court,” said Nidhi, a JNU student. 

A few students said it is a myth that a majority of them support anti-national sloganeering and division of Kashmir. 

“We are JNU students and nobody can fool us. Our support to JNUSU president when he was inside jail should not be considered as our support or sympathy to the anti-national sloganeering," said a research scholar. 

He said JNU reputation’s has been maligned because of the sedition row. 

“I am apprehensive that it will affect the final selection of JNU students in UPSC exams," he said. 

Some students alleged that the whole episode is a deliberately planned political drama which engulfed them all. Common student just follow the bandwagon. 

“An atmosphere is created here that the present regime is acting against the interests of students and teachers by linking every incident, be it suicide by a Dalit student or seditious activities of a few, to the government, said Renu Singh, a JNU student. 

“It&’s not a systematic crackdown by government but sinister and synchronised planning by left leaders themselves in order to gain their lost ground,” said Gaurav Jha of the ABVP.