New Delhi, 13 November
Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union (JNUSU) today led a ‘mass deputation’ to Supreme Court urging it to review the Lyngdoh Committee Recommendations (LCR) on student union elections. "The very first LCR clause of mandatory elections continues to be violated by several university administrations across the country, including in prestigious central universities like AMU, BHU, JMI, where no elections have been held for a decade now. And the Supreme Court never took cognition of these primary violations. And wherever the elections are held, for instance in Delhi University or in Allahabad University, the LCR prescribed ‘dos and don’ts’ never managed to eliminate the dominance of money-muscle power, which continued as before," said Akbar Chawdhary, JNUSU president. He added that LCR was selectively used to impose its rigid criteria to curb democratic models as in case of JNU students’ union elections.
The Lyngdoh Committee was set up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) in 2006 as per the direction of the Supreme Court to reform students’ union elections and to get rid of money and muscle power in student politics. "Right from 2008 onwards, when the Supreme Court stayed the JNUSU elections in the name of ‘non-compliance’ to Lyngdoh Committee Recommendations (LCR), the student community has been engaged in a protracted battle for the restoration of the JNUSU Constitution against the ‘arbitrary’ imposition of recommendations. The JNU student community always maintained that the present JNUSU election conducted through marginally relaxed LCR was an interim arrangement and the legal- political battle against the LCR has to be strengthened through all means," said JNUSU vice president Anubhuti Agnes Bara.  "We therefore want to restore the JNUSU constitution to defend our hard won vibrant political culture," she said. The students also submitted a memorandum to the officials in this regard.