New Delhi, 3 September
With a record highest number of bookings, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) Ltd, through its e-ticketing website, had on 2 September, booked 5.72 lakh e-tickets which was the highest ever e-tickets booked on a single day. This has surpassed the earlier highest of 5.04 lakhs recorded last month on 12 August. This is the third time it booked more than 5 lakh tickets on a day this year, the first time it was on 1 March.
 "IRCTC has booked a total of 135 lakh e-tickets with an average of 4.34 lakhs daily in the just concluded month of August 2013 against a total of 123 lakh e-tickets with an average of 3.99 lakhs daily in the corresponding month of August 2012 registering an increase of nearly 10 percent in the total number of tickets booked in the comparing months of August in 2012 and 2013," said Mr Pradip Kundu, spokesperson, IRCTC. The overall daily average booking was around 3.85 lakhs last year (2012-13).
 According to Mr Kundu, the total number of passengers booked by IRCTC has also gone up to 233 lakhs in August 2013 against 220 lakhs achieved in August 2012.
 Further, the IRCTC has also recently launched the non-internet SMS-based ticketing through which one can book a railway ticket with a basic feature mobile phone, by sending simple SMS, which does not require any internet connection.