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New Delhi, 15 December
Despite witnessing a fearsome increase in the registration of cases related to women, majority of civil activists and social workers are satisfied with the security measures taken by Delhi Police in the last one year but still apprehensive as the mind-set of the people have not improved.
  Following the 16 December barbaric gangrape case of a paramedical student in a moving bus which triggered outrages throughout the country, Delhi Police took several steps to ensure the safety and security of women.
 The data of crime against women in Delhi which kept on increasing as compared with the previous year, Delhi’ites see this as a positive sign, saying now the victims are coming out of their home to lodge FIR.
 Similarly, police hail that the outrage after the 16 December case prompted many survivors to file complaints and spread an awareness of the law. However, the question remains unanswered as why the figures are alarmingly running high despite the increased attention on women&’s issues.
 Mrs Pavitra Menon, who runs an NGO for the welfare of poor women and children in central Delhi, said that it was the outrage of post 16 December incident which spread awareness among rape and crime survivors.
 "The arrest of self proclaimed god man, Asaram Bapu, his son, Narayan Sai and Tehelka founder editor, Tarun Tejpal in crime against women are the perfect examples of awareness among people who used to stay silent previously," said Mr Menon.
According to a social worker, Ms Neha Jain, though cases related to crime against women have increased manifold in the last one year, it has led to an increased awareness of the issue of violence against women in the country. This has emboldened many survivors to come out and file complaints. Also, it has brought about a sea change in the working of police stations in the capital.
 An MNC worker who stays in Greater Kailash and works in Gurgaon, said that no doubt policing has been intensified on the streets and now one can witness cops patrolling round the clock, what has not changed is the mind set of people who still consider women as a property available for enjoyment.
 "If one would start looking into the loopholes of policing in Delhi’s streets, several incidents of negligence would automatically come out but there is a need to appreciate their increased patrolling and prompt actions taken which have changed the scene on roads to some extent," said a resident of Adarsh Nagar, Mrs Sumitra Bhardwaj.